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Tuft and Needle review

GeekDad happens to be one of the biggest blogs when it comes to dads, kids, and parenting in general. Recently, Ken Denmead from GeekDad tested the Tuft and Needle and decided to keep it. He wrote about in his blog and it really shows the true side of Tuft and Needle.

A mattress from Costco?

GeekDad reflects on the early memory foam mattress that he owned called the Artifact. He bought it at Costco. The two issues that he had with his original mattress was that it was lacking in comfort and trapped the heat. He stated that in winter it was a good thing but when living in California, the cold season is only about 2 months long and cold is being used a relative term. The rest of the time the mattress was just too warm for comfort.

Sleep Like the Dead did a study on the experiences of 21,000 people and found that over 9% of memory foam mattresses sleep hot and 15% state that their memory foam mattress was warm but not uncomfortably warm. So basically, most memory foam owners don’t really have a heart problem.

Hot mattress

The real issue when it comes to trapped heat is a major one for the memory foam space, and it has caused a huge stigma for other memory foam mattresses, and that is why Saatva created the Tuft and Needle and targeted this issue in the design of their foam mattress. The patented gel on gel swirl design, was able to create a different yet efficient cooling system that goes between the medical grade gel and the foam layers that are plant based in order to remove the sleeping hot issue. Also, how the gel is being applied makes the difference.

Ken rated Saavta’s customer service as excellent. The reason behind this is because there isn’t instant gratification. You aren’t able to go down to the store and pick out a mattress. You are going to be saving thousands on a luxury mattress and be able to have the best night sleep in a long time and because of that you get 75 nights to test it out and all risk free. The best part is that there isn’t a memory foam smell, which is really uncommon for other mattresses.

Ken also stated that the mattress feels great. He opted to have the relaxed firm, which was rated a 6 out of 10, with 10 being the firmest. Saatva designed it to be just right, where it wasn’t too firm and not too soft.

Plus, it sleeps cool. There isn’t a buildup of heat that would make any sleeper uncomfortable.

Tuft & Needle Conclusion

He also stated that he had tried out other mattresses and had found that other mattresses just don’t hold up to the Tuft and Needle. The truth is that when it comes to the bottom line, Tuft and Needle is a great competitor for high end mattresses such as the Tempur-Pedic line, and you get it for half the price, and none of the issues that come with other memory foam mattresses.  However, before you buy a mattress you should compare it to other mattresses like the Casper mattress.  Check out Tuft & Needle Vs Casper at

If you’re looking for a new mattress you might also be looking for a new pillow so check out the My Pillow or Isotonic pillows.

Are pillows safe for babies?

In order to reduce the risk of SIDS occurring, it is not recommended for newborns, or infants under the age of 1-year-old to use pillows. It is also not recommended that babies sleep on a pillow, and not to place any pillows, whatsoever, in a crib with a baby.

The staff at CPSC has estimated that from 1992 to 2010, there was close to 700 pillow/cushion related deaths of infants under 12 months old, which had been put either in the crib with the baby or by them in their sleeping environment. In fact, almost one-half of all infant crib deaths, as well as two-thirds of infant bassinet deaths that are report to the CPSC every year have been deaths by suffocation of either a pillow, a thick quilt, and/or having the baby’s sleeping space over crowded with toy’s, stuff animals, etc.

A safe crib is the best place for your baby to sleep. A crib is only safe if it meets the CPSC’s strong federal safety standards, and a crib that not overcrowded by any means. This means that there are no pillows, heavy quilts, thick blankets, stuffed animals, toys, recliners, sleep positioners, or a device you carry a child in (car seats, etc.).

The majority of parents are well aware of the Back-to-Sleep Campaign, which is to help in reducing the risk of SIDS. Laying your baby down to sleep by placing them on their back can also be a preventive measure to take to prevent suffocation. Always place your baby on a mattress that is flat, firm, and tight fitting, and make sure to place your baby on their back to sleep. This also includes a bassinet and/or a play pen.

My Pillow review – everything you need to know

My Pillow is a result of years of research by Mike Lindell, the inventor and CEO of the company that manufactures the pillows. For years, he would wake up with pain on his back and neck and was unable to sleep. When he realized his pillows were giving him the problem, he started studying about different pillows and finally, he created a pillow that was just right.

My Pillow is a tried and tested formula and that’s why it works

What makes My Pillow different from other pillows that are available in market is that it comes with an interlocking fill, which makes it adjustable to all kinds of sleeping positions. This type of fill is unique to My Pillow and isn’t found in any other pillows. The result is that no matter what curvature is that of the user, My Pillow adjusts to it and lends the exact fit. The advantage of sleeping in such a comfortable pillow is that it gives you productive sleep for longer period. It gives good support to the head and neck, thereby lending you a comfortable position.  I’ve read a lot of My Pillow reviews so I think you’ll find my opinion very informed.

My Pillow puts you to sleep!

Another advantage of My Pillow is that no special maintenance or upkeep is required. You can use it the way you normally use the pillows. It can be machine or hand washer as per your preference. Only thing is that there are instructions regarding wash that need to be followed. My Pillow also has a 10-year warranty and comes with a 60-day Money Back Guarantee.

Find Guide to Isotonic Pillows.

National Sleep Foundation that works on sleep-related disorders has joined hands with My Pillow to promote better sleep. The fact that the educational non-profit has come forward to advocate the benefits of My Pillow alone makes it better than other pillows currently in market.  There are complaints about the My Pillow but most of them are due to user error.

My Pillow Cost

Well it’s not cheap, it runs around $50 for the budget option but you can use a My Pillow promo code to save on the item.  Just google “My Pillow Promo code” or check out to find the latest coupon codes.

Benefits galore with My Pillow

You do not have to toss and turn in your pillows now and you do not have to worry about buying new pillows too often, as My Pillow maintains its quality for a long time. You can choose from the different levels that are marked by colors, yellow, white, green and blue and thus you can select a pillow that is best suited to your size. Of course, using such a pillow also mean that you will not suffer from any nerve problem in future as studies have pointed out that those who suffer from neck and back problems because of the uncomfortable way they sleep. With My Pillow, you sleep well and not only that your neck, head and shoulders too remain in a comfortable position. The result is that you wake up fresh and energized.

My references:

My Pillow

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The Ultimate Dasgro Review

When it comes to touchy subjects, going bald is at the top of the list. While the issue is completely pervasive, with the average daily hair loss being 50 to 100 hairs, it remains a heavy topic for individuals. When males go beyond this point and develop a balding pattern, it’s important to do your research and discover the different options for maintaining a full head of healthy hair. Since once reason for male pattern baldness is vitamin inadequacy, eating solid sustenance and sustaining your body can hinder male pattern baldness and frequently, goad regrowth.

As one cause for male pattern baldness is an inadequacy in vitamin intake, ensure you have a solid diet that provides your body with the things it needs. If your body is not getting what it needs, it can result in male pattern baldness, and commonly, hinder regrowth.

One option you have to regain control over your hair and make sure it’s healthy is Pure DasGro Hair Formula. This product uses the knowledge of hair and vitamins to provide you the supplement needed to regain the control you deserve over your hair. Pure DasGro Hair Formula is an alternative for supplementing what your body needs. You can find more information about DasGro at their official site

DasGro Design

Immaculate DasGro Hair Formula is designed as a complex supplement. This cutting edge bolster is effective against the usual problems, and works to provide the hair and scalp with the critical supplements needed to reduce or eliminate male pattern baldness. It also works to improve the hair quality. DasGro works on men and women of all ages. It is made in the United States and having the official FDA approval, meaning you know it can be a trusted product.

What results can be expected?

When it comes to balding, or your hair becoming diminished and fragile beyond desire, DasGro is an option. It does dispose well, and contains no starch, no gluten, no additives, and no yeast. DasGrow is designed to moderate the male pattern baldness, and assists the goad re-development. Many people begin noticing the effects of DasGrow within the first 7 to 14 days.

The positive effects from using the well-designed supplement is hair growth, but you may also experience smoother skin. However, if the male pattern baldness is occurring due to maturing, this product will not be as powerful. Although, it may still help slow the process and it is less expensive than transplants or other perpetual activities.


Many users experienced great results within just two months, and some much less. If you are looking to battle against male pattern baldness, DasGro Hair Formula is an appraised option for you to add to your daily routine. DasGro is designed for men and women of all ages, which makes it a practical option anyone who is experiencing male pattern baldness that is not occurring due to maturing. For those looking for a way to fight hair loss using an FDA approved, made in the U.S product, this supplement could be the one you’re looking for.

For additional help with hair growth, click here.

What’s so special about the Bugaboo frog stroller?

After conducting a test, the Bugaboo Frog Stroller was the best stroller/buggy out of the bunch. The stroller has a decent price tag that is affordable for most, around 100 euros. Not only does the stroller have a great visual design, without looking ‘cheap’, but it comes with various advantages and a quality safety design. With all of these combined, it won the test as an entry level stroller. Keep reading to find out more about why we find the Bugaboo Frog Stroller to be so great.

Bugaboo Frog Stroller is Distinguishable

Everyone knows that first impressions are very important, and the Bugaboo Frog Stroller makes sure that the first impression is a great one. After all, the outside design is the first thing you or anyone else see’s. You do not want to push your child around in something unpleasant, and that is why we looked at the inside, and outside both when conducting our test.

Car Seat Comparison and Testing

The inside houses a safe, convenient and comfortable area for your child to sit. This stroller has various advantages that it offers, such as the design of the seat and five-point harness, showing your child’s comfort and safety is the top priority.

From the outside, the stroller provides a swivel-action design to aid in maneuvering as needed. The wheels are made of plastic, but are easy to slide and quiet, even when pushing on uneven surfaces. For a deeper, more informative review visit this Bugaboo Frog Stroller review.

Your child will also be protected against the elements, with the elegantly designed hood that blocks the sun, rain and wind. Although, if desired the hood can be removed. Also, the Bugaboo Frog Stroller is equipped with a large basket area to hold your baby items, or for use when shopping (which any parent can appreciate). Of course, there is also an equipped bottle holder to make it simple and convenient to feed your child.

Below are other things that we looked at during the stroller test that are worth mentioning:

  • Easy to fold
  • Had a few smears
  • When sliding down curbs, brakes made a little grinding noise
  • Handlebar could be too high for shorter parents.
  • Being an entry level Bugaboo stroller, there is nothing equipped for the child to play with too keep interest.

Know about Benefits of prenatal vitamins

Our verdict

The Bugaboo Frog Stroller is a great option for the price. Although, being an entry level Bugaboo stroller, it falls short when compared to other strollers as it’s equipped with less tools and features, such as baby seat adapters. But, the stroller serves its purpose of convenience and providing safety. This is a great option or parents that are on shopping on a budget.

Car Seat Comparison and Testing

The Car Seat Test

After an accident the driver can still respond, but for the passengers an accident is usually abrupt and more severe. Because of this, children that are sleeping or playing have an even higher risk in these type of situations, as they are more vulnerable.

Child seat needs to provide protection that is effective against impacts, especially side-impacts. To achieve this, padding is used for stabilizing the body and head areas, while adding side protectors and materials that absorb energy.

Car Seat Costs

Over the course of a child’s growth, it is common to need multiple car seats, sometimes up to three. When a high quality car seat can often cost hundreds of dollars, it brings up the question of cheaper models being sufficient. However, it is important for parents to remember that the lower cost car seats may not hold up as well with independent crash tests. Although you may save money on a cheaper car seat, there is the risk of endangering your child and potential medical bills. Because of this, it is recommended only high-quality car seats are used.

What’s so special about the Bugaboo frog stroller?

The biggest expense to calculate into the cost of a child seat is your child’s life. There are larger models available that have many years of use, resulting in a more relative cost for the car seat.

Your child’s safety is a serious matter, and it is apparently that you are interested in it. During pregnancy, you likely took precautions using a prenatal vitamin. Now it is time to take precautions with a high-quality car seat.

We take a lot of pride in helping you find the best convertible car seat.

Below are other ways new parents can take precautions and ensure their child’s safety.

Prenatal vitamin benefits

Many prenatal vitamins exist. They allow you to start considering your child’s safety during pregnancy. They offer the best chance that you have a healthy birth and reduce the risk of defects of your newborn. When it comes to over the counter prenatal vitamins, Spring Valley Prenatal Vitamins are a popular choice. I have tested various prenatal vitamins, and discovered Spring Valley was the best, and I was able to find amazing reviews here. I found a really great review here.  Make sure you do your research though because everyone has different dietary requirements.

Designer Diaper Bags, Staying Stylish

You do not have to give up your style just because you’re now a responsible parent. You will find there are all types of styles of baby gear, from car seats to diaper bags. When it comes to a diaper bag, you will find the best option for style is a designer diaper bag. When it comes to designer diaper bags, we find the Mia Bossi Maria Blue Moon Diaper Bag to be wonderful. We have found that Mia Bossi’s Maria Blue Moon Diaper Bag is the best designer diaper bag.

This Website’s Focus

Your child’s safety must be a priority, both on the road and at home. From car checks to other safety checks, not all thing will be evident right away. It is the focus of this website to help provide some tips along the way.

As car seats need to be comfortable and safe, this site will introduce high-quality models and explain how they held up against safety standards.

Some sites you’ll love:

Guide to Isotonic Pillows

When it comes to back and tension issues, supporting the neck with a pillow is important. This allows your spine to be supported, while avoiding the spine to kink. You should use sleeping positions that are healthy and reduce the symptoms, and use a pillow to help prevent future problems or to assist in reducing existing issues.

How is back pain developed?

There are many things that can lead to back pain, such as lifting heavy objects improperly, having a bent posture, or sitting at a desk for long periods of time. This is why proper lifting techniques are taught (bending at the knees, not back), correct posture is encouraged, and periodic stretching is recommended for those sitting at a desk.Your body is optimally supported by high-quality isotonic pillows, a good mattress and a reliable frame and can relax in the night.

How do isotonic pillows help?

An isotonic pillow helps to support your body to be in a healthy sleeping position, in addition to having a reliable bed frame and good mattress to have a relaxed night’s sleep. For instance, neck support pillows, like the isotonic pillow, can help reduce existing problems, while avoiding future problems. The isotonic pillow is specifically designed to offer support for the neck to provide the optimized sleeping position.

How long do isotonic pillows last?

While the isotonic pillow does wear out over time, it is typical for high-quality isotonic pillows to last for several years before needing to be replaced. Because of the long-lasting design of higher quality models, it is well worth the initial investment.

Isotonic pillows have a cushion that allows your head to be comfortable while in a healthy sleeping position. When the pillow wears out, you will notice changes in cushion and head shape, at this point the pillow should be changed. Also, you can purchase an additional isotonic pillow for road trips or vacations, ensuring the pillow at home lasts as long as possible.  No one likes wasting money on a pillow that doesn’t work.

Are there any risks to using an isotonic pillow?

Because isotonic pillows are designed with cushions of high quality, they are safe to use. Only high quality materials are used in the isotonic models, including cotton fill, plastic fill or similar fills and covers. However, if you suffer from allergies, you may need to look closely at the materials used to avoid a reaction to your allergies. Also, the models come with a high quality guarantee.

What causes the price differences of isotonic pillows?

When it comes to isotonic pillows, the first thing one might notice is the price difference. The reason for this is because of the various types of models available. Isotonic pillows can come in a square shape or be designed to have special advantages and special filling. There are many models available, providing a range of prices, so you can easily find the right isotonic pillow for your budget.

My Pillow review – everything you need to know